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Dr.Green Bubble Hash Machine Discounts Apply !
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Dr.Green Bubble Hash Machine
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Dr. Green Filter Machine


The Newest Filtration Device from Wacky Willy’s will change the way you extract.

This high powered, compact device can filter particulates as small as 5 micron from any liquid in just minutes. The filtration bowl spins at 3000 RPM forcing the liquid threw the filters and out the drain spout while the particulates are caught in the filtration ribbons. This counter top device is small but packs a big punch.

Filtration ribbons nestle inside of the Stainless steel filtration bowl perfectly. Designed specifically for the Filtration bowl they will not shift or slip during filtration. Cleaning or collecting your Extraction from these long ribbons is effortless, simply remove Curl and remove from the bowl. Place ribbon on a clean surface and using the Scoop card included pull the card along the ribbon until you reach the end. In seconds you will have cleared your ribbon from all of the particulates that were collected. The set of Filtration ribbons includes 5 - 25 - 45 - 75 - 90 and 110 Microns.

The stainless steel filter bowl not only hold the filtration ribbons it does all of the hard work. Spinning over 3000 RPM filtration only takes minutes unlike the traditional bag extraction process that can take hours. Filtering down to 25 Microns with Filter bags often requires close attention as you need to continually move the bag up the bucket so water can drain. The Dr. Green Filtration Machine can filter down to 5 Microns in minutes effortlessly.

A removable Stainless Steel Drain bowl allows you to not only clean and sanitized the bowl in the dishwasher but gives you the flexibility to insert the bowl in the device so the drain is pointing in the direction of your choice. Assembly is easy and only takes a minute; check out the video below to see how.

No Plastic parts, No bags, No replacement parts required.

 A onetime investment will provide years of effortless filtration.

304 Stainless Steel is Heat, solvent and Corrosion resistant it is also Food Grade.

Mono-Filament Nylon filtration ribbons provide consistent filtration even after repeated use.

Clean with Cold water or Alcohol.



  • Height - 12.5 Inches
  • Diameter - 12 Inches
  • 110 Volts / 60Hz
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Acrylic Lid



bubble hash


Great for Filtering almost any liquid!!

Vegetable oils
Orange juice
Herbal tea
Essential oils
Milk & Milk Substitutes
Algae Sludge
Fruit & Vegetable juice
Motor oil
Soap Making
Contaminated water
Home brew alcohol
Filter Vodka

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash








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Sale Price: $895.00
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4 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.8 / 5 (Show All)

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Michigan - 16th October 2016

Purchased 17 gallon rocket tank and dr green Jr. Filter machine.love all of it only thing I wish the dr green Jr. Had was a clear kid so we can see when to scrape.

Fantastic Tool

Mike W. - 31st October 2014

I have been growing and cultivating my own medicine for more years than I can recall. I actually came across this Filtration machine by accident and I couldn't be more happy that I did.

The Dr. Green has allowed me to filter the extract from my medicine without having to stand over and constantly adjust my filter bags while they are draining. Collecting the Extract of the Filter ribbons is quick and easy a huge improvement from collecting out of bags.

I am using a converted Washing machine to agitate and the Dr Green to Filter. The two pair perfectly together I am able to process larger batches with less effort and still able to maintain the quality I was getting doing it in small batches.

Well Done

My New Favorite Tool

Kelsey - 19th September 2014

I waited patiently for this item to come in stock, As promised I was notified by phone when it arrived and was able to make my purchase right then. Shipping was fast and I was pleased to find the Dr. Green was already assembled when it arrived.

I prepared my Ice and Herbs in my agitator and was pleased to find the water intake valve was a standard Garden Hose thread. So connecting my Agitator to the Dr. Green was a breeze.

Once the Extraction was complete I had a hug sign of relief knowing I wasn't going to have to set up and filter with bags. I flipped the switch and the machines quiet hum started, As Water started filtering into the bowl I watched the bowl spin for a little longer than I should have, but I loved watching the white ribbons turn blonde as the Glands started to collect. I took a moment to get my station ready to collect the extraction from the filters by this time the filtration was done and I was just waiting one more minute to dry the glands.

Collecting the extraction form 20 Gallon bags is time consuming, I was impressed at how little time it took for me to clear the 5 Ribbons and considering there size how much they collected. (I didn't use the 5 Micron, I don't need the tiny baby heads or the mush - keep reading I do use it for something else) With all my extraction cleared it was time for PHASE 2 - Edibles!

I took my 110 extraction and made some Cannabis Coconut Oil. I ran it threw the Dr. Green Machine with just the 5 Micron to clear out the husks. Way faster than using a coffee filter. Ended up with a beautifully clear oil.

Pros - Quiet / Compact / Easy to Clean
Cons - None

Tinctures and Edibles
Order ID 15322

Bubble Hash Machine

Bruce B. - 19th September 2014

Works great! Nearly dry on retrieval of the product. Plan on recycling the first run to collect all your goodies. Personally, I like the first run at 25 microns only and the second with a 5 micron both with a higher flow rate. But then I have some volume to deal with. Mine runs quite warm, I'm hoping to add more ventilation the next run. Great Tool...Well Done!

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