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5 Bag 5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Filter Bags Discounts Apply !
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5 Bag 5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Filter Bags
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5 Gallon 5 Bag All MESH Filter Bag set


5 Gallon ALL MESH Cold Water Extraction Bags

Cold Water Extraction is a easy way to create a high quality herbal extract from left over trim.
All you need is Ice and Water and your Herbs and a Set of WACKY BUBBLE FILTER BAGS.
Add these together with a some time and a little love you will get a pure, all natural final product.


The 5 bag set is our best seller, one 220 work bag and 4 filter bags in 160-110-73-25 micron size.


Wacky Bubble Filter Bags are constructed completely of Monofilament screen in the bags indicated Micron size and stitched with 100% Nylon thread for extra strength.
The All Mesh design means faster draining!
These Colour coded Bubble hash bags are also labelled with the Micron size and feature a Drawstring.
Wacky Bags are Easy to use, Durable and Affordable.


When setting up your wacky bags make sure to place the smallest micron size into the bucket first and work your way up to the 220 micron bag.  


Once your bags are set up you are ready to start your extraction process. This is a simple process and everyone seems to have there own method.


 A five bag set is preferred over the 3 bag set as the 160 filters out the plant matter and unwanted contaminated from your 110 and 73 bags. Giving you a higher quality product out of your lower filter bags than the 3 bag set. And as different strains produce different size glands having 5 bags will give you the diversity a 3 bag cant offer. For those looking for all 7 grades an 8 bag set is available.


As cold water extraction gains popularity more filter bags have become available online varying in price and quality. At Wacky Willy's we know the secret to success is providing a high quality product. Don't waste your money or time with cheap imitations. With proper care Wacky Bags bags will last a lifetime. It is important to clean your Wacky Bags using a dime size amount of mild soap in Hot water immediately after use. Hang to dry. Once completely dry, fold and store until next time. ISO can be used to clean bags if needed.



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We are located in Victoria British Columbia Canada - our e-mail address is wackywillys@gmail.com

Reg Price: $104.99
Sale Price: $79.99

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5 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.4 / 5 (Show All)

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Order 26757 - 08th December 2016

my package arrived as described and it was early. i live in a rural area so i was pleasantly surprised. Christmas season and early delivery?
good job Wacky Willy and Canada Post.
now the work begins.
Merry Christmas

Hello form Downunder

C. D. - 05th August 2014

I just had to say thanks for such a brilliant product. I’ve been using my set for years now and have put several hundred runs through and all bags are great.

I use spacers from cut down buckets to give a gap between them which helps no end.

The main reason I felt compelled to write was these bags are brilliant for an organic alternative for cancer treatment.

It removes the THCV or THC5 as it is water soluble thus making it safe for anyone that has problems with the high side of things. e.g. children, the elderly etc

You can then take the resin powder, dried with no moisture left, and mix it with organic hemp seed oil and there it is.

this oil mix is alcohol free and organic and safe because it’s just resin and not 50% plant matter.

Thanks again and I hope this can help you with your BRILLIANT product


C. D.

bags work great and excellent customer service

goldeen - 18th November 2013

These bags work great. I purchased them on the suggestion of Wacky Willy's and followed their directions and they do an excellent job. I had some question and concerns and got prompt detailed answers. I would recommend this product and company to everyone


bluestar98 - 15th November 2013

It only took my parcel a couple days to arrive. I was happy to get it so quickly.

bubble bags

Peace - 01st March 2013

I prefer to use all 8 bags,this way the contaminant is taken away in the 1st pull, discarded or kept for cooking.
The 2nd pull,and the rest are all premium.They are all trichombs,if done correctly,you have the benefit of keeping them separate,for taste or inspection.
They are of differing sizes,the heads, different heads,ie,clear,amber,but the same size.
You may choose to bond it,but if not dryed correctly this can make for poor hash.
All bags,imm,should be used for the best product.
Drysift has more flavor,must make some.


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