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Home » 5 Gallon Wacky Bubble Hash Bags

5 Gallon 8 Bag Wacky Hash Bag Set Discounts Apply !
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5 Gallon 8 Bag Wacky Hash Bag Set
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Original Wacky 5 Gallon 8 Bag





Cold Water Extraction is a easy way to create a high quality herbal extract from left over trim. 
All you need is Ice and Water and your Herbs and a Set of WACKY BUBBLE HASH BAGS. 
Add these together with a some time and a little love you will get a pure, all natural final product.


The 8 bag set includes one 220 work bag and 7 filter bags in 190-160-110-90-73-45-25 micron size.


Wacky Bubble Hash Bags are constructed with 100% waterproof Nylon sidewalls, Monofilament Screens and stitched with 100% Nylon thread for extra strength. 
This waterproof sidewalls will allow all your crystals to collect on the bottom screen for easy removal. 
These Colour coded Bubble hash bags are also labelled with the Micron size and feature an easy to use Drawstring. 
Wacky Bags are Easy to use, Durable and Affordable.


When setting up your wacky bags make sure to place the smallest micron size into the bucket first (25 micron)and work your way up to the 220 micron bag.  


Once your bags are set up you are ready to start your extraction process. This is a simple process and everyone seems to have there own method.
Check out our 
facebook page for detailed instructions and videos.


 This eight bag set is our most versatile set and produces the highest grade product . An 8 bag kits allow you to separate your herbal extract into 7 different grades – different plants have varying crystal sizes so this will let you keep the best possible extract from your garden.


As cold water extraction gains popularity more filter bags have become available online varying in price and quality. At Wacky Willy's we know the secret to success is providing a high quality product. Don't waste your money or time with cheap imitations. With proper care Wacky Bags bags will last a lifetime. It is important to clean your Wacky Bags using a dime size amount of mild soap in Hot water immediately after use. Hang to dry. Once completely dry, fold and store until next time. ISO can be used to clean bags if needed.


All orders are packaged in plain white boxes, no company name or logo anywhere on the box or shipping label !


With Wacky Bags you can make Bubble hash in the privacy of your own home without harsh chemicals without name brand prices and without sacrificing quality.


To dry your extracts even faster We have added a FREE pressing screen




bubble hash
bubble hash

bubble hash

bubble hash





Call in your order now and talk to wacky himself or click to buy it now button to make your order
We are located in Victoria British Columbia Canada
E-mail wacky at wackywillys@gmail.com if you have any questions





Reg Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $119.99

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2 Product Reviews - Average rating 3.5 / 5 (Show All)

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My dry ice method

barry777 - 01st March 2013

I use dry ice most of the time just because its easier than bubble. And it is dry I use mine right away if I need to.

A few key points. Don't use more than 3-4 oz in a 5 gallon bag. You don't have water pushing the trics through. With more the it gets bunched up and the trichomes will all be mixed in the leaves (been there done that).
Use 1 larger micron size. I like the 160. As you shake trichomes will fall off. The longer you shake, the harder you shake, the more leaf matter you will get in the hash. So;
Start by shaking very gently,
Keep the bag close to the glass ( it spreads more than you think)
Start in one corner of the glass and work your way gently over the glass.
After you went over the glass once, scrape glass and look to see if the color is consistent
If your gentle you may be able to do this 3-5 times before you start seeing even a hint of green.
You will continue to see more green as you go along.
It will be light and fluffy and smells great. You can crank a small batch out at a moments notice.

If I had a machine I would do bubble but I don't have the back to do it by had or with a drill slow enough and long enough. So this will do for now.

Good Luck


420 - 01st March 2013

This is how i used my 8 wacky bags with pre frozen trimmings or bud (already chopped/ground up). Fill with water (ice will float, so don't try to fill above hash/ice or you will overflow bucket). Use a paint stirrer attached to drill for about 5 minutes to stir the shit out of it. Remove top 2 bags (don't dispose of material). Remove 25 micron bag (you will need to agitate violently. Hash will settle on screen and block holes not allowing water to drain. You need to shake it up to fluff the hash off the screen and keep it from settling). After all water is drained grip wad of hash from underside of bag and flip the bag inside out. Spread the screen/bag over a bowl or something so you can scrape the hash off a taught screen. Place hash onto your 25 micron non-bag-screen they give you, and fold it over on top of hash. Place between layers of bath towels and compress. Remove hash and place on card board to dry. Replace bags and repeat procedure to get more hash out of trimmings. I only get about 25-35% of total yield from the first run. I usually run through the process about 7-10 times, or until I think further effort is no longer worth the diminishing yields. I recommend breaking hash up into a powder while it's still wet and leaving on cardboard. Once it drys into a clump it is very sticky and tends to have the consistency of tar - very difficult to evenly distribute in baked goods.

I use the final product in peanut butter cookies. about 3 grams into 1 package of betty crocker peanut butter mix. Mix dry hash in with dry cookie mix, then add other ingredients. Cook about 25-50*F less than package says, and for a few minutes less. Cookies will be undercooked, but will dry and solidify. Yields about 25-35 cookies depending on size and will fuck you up good.

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