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Short Decription
5ML Glass Vial with Caps
22 x 35 mm
Brand New and Just what you wanted. Because so many asked we thought it was time to bring in the big guns. This 5ml Short n fat glass container is perfect for all your oils and essentials. Still hold 5 ml but now with a nice wide mouth opening its much easier to fill and manipulate whats inside. Sits nice and sturdy on any flat surface thanks to the wide bottom. Never worry about tipping your vial again. Also being that the lid is now that much larger and a nice smooth finish its perfect for putting all your labels and stickers to name your products or give detailed info on whats in your vial just by looking at the top of the cap. Click on image for more details

bubble hash
Reg Price: $1.59
Sale Price: $0.99
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Happy Face Silicone Dab Containers

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Short Decription Happy face Easy to fill, Easy to use, Easy to clean and no risk of shattering.
38mm opening allows for easy filling. Threaded lid prevents accidental opening. Perfect for storing extraction.
5 mL or approximately 5g Capacity.
Handle the stickiest concentrates with ZERO waste or mess.
Environmentally friendly.
Microwave and Freezer safe
Food Grade Silicone / BPA Free
Washes clean with soap and water.
Keeps its shape even after repeated use.
No Logos or Markings

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Reg Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.20
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Tiny Zip lock Plastic Bags

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Short Decription 100PC - 100PC -100PC Tiny Ziplock bags:1.8 cm x = 0.708661 inches x 2.5cm = 0.984252 inches
Made From Eco-Friendly, food grade Materials
Keeps the smell IN and UV light, oxygen and moisture OUT!
Perfect for Pills, Herbs, Supplements
Holds 1 Pill

bubble hash
Sale Price: $6.95
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Dry Sift Microscope with Smart Phone Clip

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Short Decription Mini Mobile Microscope with 60 X Magnification, LED light and Smart Phone Attachment

Attach the Microscope to the Smart Phone attachment and Clip over your Smart Phone camera. Once you open your Camera app you will have a larger live display to view and inspect Dry Sift for purity. Not only will you have a closer view of the Resin you can take professional looking Marco Shots of the Glands. Compare your before and after carding images to see the improved purity.

Use in the Grow room to check for Mites and Mold or in the Flowering Room to see the maturity of the heads. Take #fullmelt pictures you will actually want to online

Available in GOLD or SILVER

bubble hash
Color: Silver
Reg Price: $26.49
Sale Price: $19.95
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Blow Torch Quartz Banger Lighter

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Why buy a butane torch for $60-$100 when the tank always leaks and you have to throw it away. Up to 2012°F/1100°C - Gets really hot fast !! Hooks up to a butane can in seconds ! Great for starting fires,pluming,cooking,camping and the list goes on and on these brilliantly designed torch heads fit perfectly with an air tight and lock seal on a butane can. There is a specific style can that they fit on though specifically for safety reasons. The cans however can be bought at any hardware store. 100 % reusable our torch heads as mentioned are an easy 3 second hook up to the can and your good to go. Also built in with its own flint or starter so no need to have your own separate flint or lighter -Click on image for more details
Blowtorch: White
Sale Price: $20.00
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Short Decription  DRY SIFT VIBRATOR
Introductory Sale Offer $20.00
Hey its here and bouncing like never before. Our new Wacky Bouncer, You got to check this baby out. Unlike our old Vibrator unit our new Wacky Bouncer has 2 agitation heads designed to give you double the bouncing power.
Speaking of power this unit is probably twice as powerful as our former model.
Including a 110 power adapter the wacky bouncer has a usb power cable that will attach to any usb device allowing you easy usage anywhere you are.
The complete unit length from usb tip to the end off the vibrating head is about 4 and 1/2 feet allowing a much further reach from your power source.One of the coolest improvements on this unit is the multiple different modes it has Over 11 to choose from. Starting from your power ON OFF and goes to Low then medium then high. After that there are several modes all with there own unique vibration and surge styles from several quick pulses to a rapid heavy pulse and everything in between. You'll have a blast playing with all the different setting and discovering what works best for you and your bounce.

bubble hash
Reg Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $20.00
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Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe | Twist

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Short Decription
Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe Portable glass pipe just twist and light when needed - You can pack up to 1.5 grams in this twister!! The Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe will fit also on most bongs from 14mm to 16mm opening. The glass is 2mm thick and comes with end caps for easy storage. This is what we will send you !! +1 Twisty Glass Blunt + 1 Microfiber bag +1 Cleaning Brush + 2 Rubber Caps +1 Extra rubber o ring + Nice Gift box for storage Click on Image for more details

bubble hash
Reg Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $20.00
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Small Glass 1ML Oil Perfume Vials

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Short Decription
Coming to you after popular demand these little beauties are just what the doctor ordered. These vials hold 1ml and are made of glass these vials have a leak proof snap on plastic cap that has a dabber stick built right into it. Coming in a case of 100 (100 caps+100 Vials) these vials are perfect for use in storing all liquids and oils. From Turpins to tinctures down to oils and even your thinner fluids like water and alcohols

bubble hash
Reg Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $25.00
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Cheech & Chong Digital Scale

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Short Decription Two different capacity sizes to chose from   100 Grams to 0.01grams Example 14.85 Or 350 Grams to 0.1grams Example 14.8 •Bright-LCD Display •Extremely Durable Case Design •Operates on 2 AAA Batteries (Included) •Low-Battery Indicator * Size 2.5 inches x 4 inches

bubble hash
Reg Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $30.00
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You can fit about 1 ounce of product in this can 5"x 3" - all food safe Stainless Steel D Carb Can !! Typical decarbing in the past has been done on a backing pan in the oven. unfortunately the turpine loss and potency reduction in this method honestly makes it not worth doing. With our sealed decarboxilatores you loose nothing and the end result is a perfect 100% activated product. Just pop it open and medicate at will anytime you want anyway you want. click on image for more details
Reg Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $30.00
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Rosin Raw 6x6 Parchment Paper | 500PC

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WOW. Just what we've always been waiting for. That perfect pre-cut piece of parchment ready and waiting for you in a box. That's right and we've got them now. All new 6x6 RAW Unbleached Parchment Paper. This perfectly cut piece of parchment just like all its brothers and sisters is a super tough , durable and now pre-cut piece of parchment. Great for anything requiring a 6x6 cut piece of parchment but just fantastic for all your rossin pressing needs. Comes with 500 pre-cut pieces in every box.
Reg Price: $55.00
Sale Price: $30.00
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New Short 30mm vise hammer press Now you can make compressed pucks in seconds without cranking! This punch is made out of 100% stainless steel and is totally dishwasher safe and food safe please be aware that aluminum Is not food grade nor is it dishwasher safe. This 3 piece set at comes with stand, tube and the rod All you need is a hammer or bench vise to compress your Bubble product into Pucks 60 mm Tall x 30 mm Diameter
Reg Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $65.00
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New Stainless Steel Tobacco Herb Grinder

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Short Decription
 Hear ye hear ye. Introducing our new 100 % Boomers Stainless Steel Grinder. Yet another kick ass product from Wacky Bags that is fit for a king. Never struggle with broken grinder teeth ever again, never worry about doping your grinder or breaking it in any way. This ultra durable build will put your mind at ease knowing this grinder will be the last grinder you ever need to purchase. As mentioned this 100 % stainless steel design has some very finely honed near raiser sharp teeth to grind whatever you want. Click on image to see video .

bubble hash
Reg Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $95.00
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New Stainless Steel Essential Oil Extractor

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Short Decription Stainless Steel Honey Oil Extractor.

Holds up to 50 grams of product size is 6 inches long x 1.5 inch wide these extractors are Stainless steel and Food Grade, Dishwasher safe and Solvent resistant which makes it perfect for oil extraction. Glass extractors can crack or chip, This Stainless steel extractor will last a lifetime. Click on image for more details

bubble hash
Reg Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $95.00
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