Iceless Bubble Hash Washing System

Sub-Zero H2O. Air Agitated. Stainless Steel.
Processing Capacity = 20-25 LB Fresh Frozen

Solventless Extraction Equipment

affordable. scalable. quality. compliant.

VibroSpa - Wet & Dry Sieving!

Multi Use Vibratory Screen System

Bubble hash collection screen filtration, Dry sifting buds and trim, Sifting freeze dried hash, Classifying dry milled flower/trim for pre-rolls and Bud sorting.

Wacky Bags Craft Series

20-32 Gallon. 40-55 Gallon. 100 Gallon.
Microns: 500, 300, 250, 220, 190, 160, 110, 90, 73, 45, 25

Vibrating Dry Sift Table

Consistent, Repeatable, 6* Yield.
Time Saving Capacity = 1 pound

Cone Filler & Sealer

Filler & Fold Over System
430, 360 and 200 Cone Systems.

RocketSpa System

Vibrated & Top Down Air Agitated.
30 & 55 Gallon. Custom Sizes 100+

Stainless Steel Vessels

Sanitary Welds. Cryo Jackets. 304L.
20, 30, 55, 65 Gallon

Icy Hot System

Bubble Hash. Infuse. Decarb.
45 Gallon Tank

Willy’s Vision:

Designing a new era of solvent-less extraction equipment for inspiring champions of quality first hash products.

We believe that Cannabis Craft Product Creators deserve access to affordable scalable lab gear that passes health standard regulations.

Willy’s Passion:

Innovating compliant solvent-less extraction equipment that use only the organic forces of nature: clean water and air, temperature, vibration and pressure.

Willy’s Famous, Original, Boomers Grinder

Sexy, solid and built for Bud Kings and Queens!  Willy’s original design is 100% solid medical grade 304L stainless steel and is the safest and only way to grind.  It will consistently shred your herb without worry of splinters, shards or breakage.  This beast is truly indestructible, so just relax and enjoy the experience knowing that Willy’s Grinder will be the last you’ll ever need to buy!

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