About Wacky Willys

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Wacky Willys is world-renowned for their innovative and affordable Craft Cannabis & Hemp Industry solventless extraction and filtration equipment.

Willy is the owner and Chief Innovation Officer of Wacky Willys Inc. and is a Cannabis industry recognized Legend for his 30+ years of continuous extraction product innovation.

Wacky Willys was established in 1990 and operates from Victoria, BC. Wacky Willys designs and supplies affordable scalable compliant solventless extraction equipment that aims to solve common challenges faced by Craft Cannabis extractors and producers.

Willy’s passion for innovating in this space began in 2009 with his WackyBags ‘All-Mesh’ brand. His design of “All-Mesh” bubble hash filter bags, was the first of its kind on the market solving a multitude of processing problems for hash makers and enthusiasts. His legendary early cannabis processing designs also include the stainless steel Hammer Press, Rocket Tank, Boomers Grinder and the first fully automatic bubble hash washing machine, better known as the ‘red and white’ 20-gallon Bubble Blaster.

Willy believes that the quality and integrity of solventless extracts can be elevated across the industry, which is why, in 2020 a new era of Wacky Willy’s commercial solventless extraction equipment was launched. The new line challenges and expands upon traditional techniques and harnesses only the organic forces of nature: clean water and air, vibration, temperature and pressure. Willy’s new ‘Iceless’ bubble hash washing system, the Arctic Boomer, the vibrating air agitated RocketSpa tank, the Boomers Big Buzz dry sift vibration table and his latest pressure wave agitator the ArcticPlunge are all revolutionizing the solventless extraction equipment market.

With Wacky Willy’s highly efficient lab and medical grade equipment used in the recovery and collection of essential oils, concentrates, CBD, hash and rosin; his systems make it possible to extract, filter, separate and activate compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids.

The Wacky Team has an awesome reputation for providing customers with an exceptional product experience, and they are proud of their long-term customer relationships.  Wacky Willy is actively pursuing new wholesale and re-seller partnerships and is always eager to become involved in emerging market trends, requirements and technology.

This Wacky guy never stops innovating, so if you have an extraction challenge, bring it on over to Willy!

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-6:30 PST
Phone: 778-426-3335
Direct Email:willy@wackywillysweb.com

Wacky Willys Mission:

To support the Craft Cannabis & Hemp Industry in their quest to advance the art and science of medicinal solventless extraction.

Willy’s Passion:

Innovating ‘solventless’ extraction equipment that is affordable, efficient and easy to use for producing medical quality hemp and cannabis products.