Bubble Hash Extraction Re-Imagined, 

the ‘Future’ of a Traditional Method!

Willy’s trail-blazing Arctic Boomer system is designed for commercial bubble hash producers and enthusiasts processing premium hash products. 

Built and tested to the highest engineering standards, the marriage of sub-zero temperatures and natural air agitation technology make the Arctic Boomer the most innovative breakthrough in making hash, since the plastic washing machine!  This unique technology combination is built into a completely sanitary stainless-steel system, raising the bar in processing hygienic organic bubble hash.

The efficiency of air agitating in an ice-less sub-zero water tank is unprecedented!

The Arctic Boomer’s 75-gallon sub-zero water re-circulation and ice-less air agitated system, allows for a streamlined hassle-free environmentally friendly bubble hash extraction process that saves time and labour. This new ‘ice-less’ tool replaces ice cubes, mechanical mixing devices or hand paddle mixing. How cool is that?

Must have gear for progressive extraction pro’s passionate about the art of hash-making.

Refrigerated sub-zero water with bursting air bubble agitation guards against annoying costly extraction fails, by providing consistent freezing cold-water temperatures with gentle comprehensive mixing.  Full resin head separation is achieved without added steps, damaging trichomes or leaving behind glands still attached to the botanical.  Nobody wants product waste or potency loss!

Truly inspired equipment improving processes for unfailing returns on your investment!

If you need solventless extraction equipment and tools for frequent processing of large amounts of hemp or cannabis and require quality-controlled dependable results; you will love the efficiencies and ROI of the Arctic Boomer’s new approach to the traditional ice & water method!   Premium hash faster means more cash!

Preserve what matters!

Potency.   Time.   Labor.   Water.   Your Investment.

Simple effective air agitation along with freezing water temperatures is extremely powerful, yet gentle enough to do a superior job!

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Benefits of the Arctic Boomer System

  • Ice-less Sub-Zero Temperature Controlled Processing = Consistent Temperature Maintenance.
  • Oil Free Compressed Air Agitation = Time & Labour Savings
  • Stainless-Steel Tank & Vessels = FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Compliant
  • Gentle Trichome Preserving Processing = Improved Potency & Yield
  • Water Recycling System = Efficient Processing Loop & Conserves Natural Resources
  • Manufactured in the USA and Canada = Top Quality & Safety

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