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Bubble Hash Extraction Washing Machine Stainless Steel Discounts Apply !
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Bubble Hash Extraction Washing Machine Stainless Steel
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Min 6 Gallons for small batches

Ok you asked for it - we got it ... agitation like no other just add water and ice

This 17 Gallon wacky rocket tank is made of
304 medical grade stainless steel and will last your life time 

You can use the rocket tank with CO2 or compressed air to agitate your product with out any electrical  motors. The rocket is 36" H x 17" W and comes with 3 11/2" Tri-Clamp Fittings,3PC food grade silicone gaskets, one 90 degree angle pipe a wracking pipe to better focus your agitation if need

 The 2 industrial ball valve units ( 3/4in and 1/2in) are very easy to work with and can be attached to either top or bottom opening meaning they are completely interchangeable. The Rocket is a free standing unit that does not need to be clamped or held down. The sturdy Stainless steel legs have beautiful and extremely strong  welds holding them together. The top tank lid boasts a multi latch system ensuring excellent and tight fitting

The upper ball valve can be fitted with the wracking pipe and be made to swivel inside the tank so you can actually aim the jet stream inside. Once you have opened your new unit please be aware that there are assembly instructions located by the lid in the packing box it comes in.

You need to  completely wash your unit and all the pieces it comes with in a non chlorinated T.S.P solution . Just let the pieces soak in a bucket of solution while u hand wash the main tank with a non abrasive sponge then give everything a good thorough rinse with fresh water.

 As a bonus feature with this new unit we are adding

4 bag 20 gallon all mesh filtration system with 160, 110, 73, and a 25 micron bags. 
Also included in this once in a lifetime deal will be
 2 large wacky pressing screens and
2 small 220 micron agitation zipper bags.

Approximate Dimensions: 36" x 17" please note Shipping charges will be applied to orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico as well as International Destinations

bubble hash



bubble hash


Make bubble hash fast


bubble hash

bubble hash






Reg Price: $1395.00
Sale Price: $950.00

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