1.5 Gallon – All Mesh Extraction Bags

1.5 Gallon – All Mesh Extraction Bags



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All mesh Bags – 1.5 Gallon 

Wacky Bags are food grade mono-filament mesh and stitched with 100% nylon thread for extra strength. They are color coded and labelled with the micron size and feature a drawstring closure to fit many different size containers, making them perfect for many types of filtering: dry ice, keif, bubble hash or infusions with butters, creams, tinctures, soup/gravy, wine/beer, filtering contaminates from cooking oils, sump pump filtering…

Build your own set of 1.5 Gallon filter bags from  the following micron sizes:

220um, 190um, 160um, 110um, 90um, 73um, 45um, 25um



Wacky Willy’s Wacky Bubble Filter Bags are like nothing else you have ever seen!  Wacky filter bags are designed completely of all mesh mono-filament screen top to bottom and will withstand extreme cold .  Wacky Bags are easy to use, durable, affordable and reusable. Unlike other bags on the market the design is completely all mesh which allows liquid to quickly seep through all sides, as well as the bottom of the bag.  This drastically reduces the time it takes to drain and speeds up your entire filtration process.

Use the various micron filter bags to efficiently filter all of the unwanted particles from your botanicals, dry ice keif, bubble hash or infusion butters, oils and tinctures.  Unlike colored canvas bags with side walls, all mesh Wacky Bags will not peel color or contaminants into your precious product.

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh Wacky Bags before, you are gonna love it!  Remember, his all mesh design means faster draining and easy clean up.


Capacity: 1.5 Gallon

Color: white mesh, colored drawstrings

Size: 9” high X 8″ diameter

Cleaning Instructions: A onetime investment will provide years of effortless filtration.  Clean the mono-filament nylon bags with a small amount of dish soap in cold/warm water or ISO alcohol then hang it to dry. It will provide consistent filtration with repeated use.


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