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1.5 Gallon – Singles All Mesh Dry Ice Extraction Bags

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All Mesh Dry Ice Extraction Bags – 1.5 Gallon Small 

Wacky Willy’s small 1.5 gallon all mesh bags have the same diameter as the 1 gallon mini bags but Wacky has added a little more height to the bags for easier dry ice extraction. More room for you to shake and agitate your trim.  These smaller all mesh Wacky Filter Bags are the perfect set for anyone starting out with dry ice extraction.  Wacky says these are excellent for personal use and anyone on a budget. Dry Ice is the fastest way to extract the keif from your precious herb.

Build your own set: micron options : 220, 190, 160,


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Wacky Willy’s Wacky Bubble Filter Bags are like nothing else you have ever seen! Wacky filter bags are designed completely of all mesh mono-filament screen top to bottom and will withstand extreme ice water temperatures. (and heat up to 500F)

Wacky Bags are easy to use, durable, affordable and reusable. Use the various micron filter bags to efficiently filter all of the unwanted particles from your botanicals, dry ice keif, bubble hash or infusion butters, oils and tinctures. Unlike colored canvas bags with side walls, all mesh Wacky Bags will not peel color or contaminants into your precious product.

Wacky Bags are food grade mono-filament mesh and stitched with 100% nylon thread for extra strength. They are color coded and labelled with the micron size and feature a drawstring closure to fit many different size containers, making them perfect for many types of filtering: dry ice, keif, bubble hash or infusions with butters, creams, tinctures, soup/gravy, wine/beer, filtering contaminates from cooking oils, sump pump filtering…

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh Wacky Bags before, you are gonna love it! Remember, his all mesh design means faster draining and easy clean up.

Tips from Wacky Willy:

Time to make some dry ice hash!  Check out Wacky’s Video Tips and a see a couple of client videos below.  Remember you will need to experiment for best results with your specific botanical trim.

  • Use quality trim approximately 1/2 ounce per 1.5-gallon bag/container.
  • Choose your Wacky Filter Bag microns depending on the size of your trim or crystals. Wacky recommends using the 1.5 gallon bags for small batches.
  •  For a 1.5 gallon bag extraction, you will need approximately 3 small pieces of dry ice,  approximately the size of golf balls. Always handle dry ice with extreme care!
  • Close your bag with the drawstring and shake your Wacky Bag gently over a clean hygienic surface.
  • When is it time to stop shaking?  When your keif starts turning from light golden brown to green.  The more you shake the more green botanical you will get dropping out and downgrade the keif.  Your top quality product will be light brown and will fall out in the beginning.  So watch your keif carefully while you are shaking!
  • Scoop up your keif off your surface with Wacky’s handy collections card.




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