100% Hemp Wacky Man Bags & Purses


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100% Hemp Messenger Bags – Wacky Man Bags

Wacky Willy’s got a New Wacky Bag for you!  He is proudly sporting his favorite accessory, the New Hemp Wacky Man Bag.  OK, Wacky says just call it what you want…a Messenger Bag, Satchel, Man Bag or a Murse!  Whatever you call it it, it’s darn handy for toting around all your personal gear!  This bag can be filled with more than your cash man!  Here’s what’s in Wacky’s personal Wacky Man Bag!

Wallet, Keys, Cash, Coin, Cell Phone and Charge Cord, Smokes, Lighter, Grinder, Press, Dube Tube, Concert Tickets and that all important hand full of receipts!   Small but mighty, this personal Wacky Bag will fill up and keep your pockets from ratttle’n and pulling your drawers down while your are busy doing your deeds man!


Made from 100% Organic Hemp (the THC Free kind) and colored with only dyes that are eco-friendly.  The natural hemp used to make these awesome hats is from a village instigated industry in Nepal – fair trade all the way!  The inside is 100% Cotton.

When you get yours…send us a Pic and we will upload you rocking your Wacky Man Bag here!

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