19mm Hammer Press – Short

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Wacky Willy’s short 100% stainless steel pollen press kit is designed to press your keif, bubble hash, dry sift and other plant botanicals into perfectly sized pucks.  It can be used with your hydraulic rosin press or manually with a few strokes of a hammer.  The 3-piece set includes a tube, rod and stand.   This press quickly makes conveniently proportioned round pucks and wafers about the size of a US nickel (perfect for bongs or pipes)!

This Wacky Punch is made to last you a lifetime. It is designed with medical grade 304L stainless steel, and is extremely durable and dishwasher safe.  Wacky Willy says to beware of other presses made of aluminum, as they are not food safe or dishwasher safe!

Don’t forget to stamp your herbs, check out Wacky’s cool selection 3D Stamps!


Wacky Willy’s Tips:

Rosin Press Method:

  1. Place the cylinder onto stand and add your hash or plant material into the cylinder,
  2. Insert rod and hit with hammer once to set your product in place.
  3. Set the press in the middle of your rosin plates and press down for 3-10 seconds and release pressure (apply heat if you want)
  4. Pop out your hash puck.

Hammer Press Method (without a hydraulic press)

  1. Place the cylinder onto a sturdy surface and on a block of wood, then add your hash or plant material into the cylinder.
  2. Insert the rod and hit with hammer 1X to set your product in place.
  3. Hit with a hammer 3 to 4 more times to compress your product firmly.
  4. Pop out your hash puck.

Not only can you use the press to make keif pucks, you can use the press to create portioned pucks of your herbal supplements, tea, soup stock, spices and much more. With this handheld punch you can quickly and easily create your own herbal supplements at home for a fraction of the cost of store bought supplements. Creating your own herbal supplements has never been so easy or so affordable. Now you can create uniform tablets in the comfort of your own home without large expensive machinery or time consuming hand cranking or rolling.


Height: 50 mm, 2” inches

Diameter: 19.90 mm, 0.78” inch

Material: 100% Stainless Steel