1oz 30ML Amber Vial with Dropper



Amber Glass Vial with Tincture Dropper

 1 oz = 30ml

Wacky’s Tincture Dropper Vials are awesome for storing and dispensing medicinal products;  Tinctures, Oils, Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils.

The amber glass containers are leak proof, chemical resistant, UV resistant, food safe and dishwasher safe. The amber colour provides protection from light which can over time break down and degrade product properties and affect the potency of  the contents.


Vials include a black polypropylene top with clear glass dropper. The eye dropper style top allows you to easily access the liquid inside. The dropper holds about 5mL in each squeeze and will drop a consistent size or dose.

Wacky’s Tip:  Using one of our Wacky Stainless Steel Funnels will ensure you don’t loose a drop of your product!

Vials are sold individually. If you need to buy in bulk, Wacky offers volume wholesale pricing.  Just give us a call or visit our Wholesale Page for more info.

Specifications: Single Vial
Volume: 16 Dram / 1 oz / 29.5 ml
Size: 1.30″ x 3.0″
Material: Glass with Polypropylene lid
Colour: AMBER