1PC Large Pressing Blotting Screen



Pressing Screen 16″×16″ – All Mesh

Wacky Willy says, “Blotting your Bubble will reduce drying time and help prevent mold”.

The 16′ x 16′ surface is perfect for pressing larger batches or pressing multiple grades at the same time.  Wacky Willy’s 25 micron all mesh pressing screens are used after the extraction and filtration process to efficiently dry your botanical products and bubble hash crystals.  The food grade all mesh nylon material ensures that your product stays clean and dries quickly.


Tips from Wacky Willy: Check out the video below.

  1. Place the 25 micron all mesh screen on a clean dry cloth.
  2. Add the plant extraction to the screen, off to one side.
  3. Fold the all mesh screen and cloth in half, covering your product.
  4. Firmly press down on your product with a rolling pin moving gently in different directions over the screen.
  5. Unfold your cloth, then unfold the screen.
  6. Using a Wacky Collection Card (sold separately), carefully remove your product from the screen.

For best results, press your product in small batches.  If you want to speed up the process, grab an extra pressing screen or two.

Quantity: 1 screen

Color: white with blue border
Size: 16″ X 16″
Material: food grade nylon all mesh
Microns: 25um


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