2.5ML Glass Vials – Terpene Essential Oil Containers



2.5 ML Glass Essential Oil Vials – 144 PC Glass Vials

Capacity = 2.5ml, 2.5 grams

Wacky’s vials are good for storing your precious CBD, terpenes, pollen, essential oils, hash, kief and other herbal medicines.  The size of these glass vials are 15 x 27 mm and they come with a screw tight cap lid to keep your hash oil safe and fresh!



Wacky’s Tip:  Using one of Wacky’s Stainless Steel Funnels will ensure you don’t loose a drop of your product!  Check it out on the video below.


Box of 144 PC Glass Vials with Lids
15 x 27 mm
2.5 mL or 0.68 US Fluid Drams
Works out to $0.27 each !!