23mm T-Bar Hash Press

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23mm T BAR PRESS – 100% Stainless Steel

Due to popular demand Wacky Willy decided to expand his Pollen Keif Press inventory.  Now introducing the new 23mm T Bar press. This robust short 23mm bubble hash press is just like our 19mm only BIGGER. This very simple and sturdy design allows for easy handling and the larger 23mm opening is much easier to fill.  Perfect for pressing bubble, pollen and keif into easy to store uniform sized pucks and cylinders.


This 100% stainless steel press, was built to last a lifetime, with no aluminum parts.  It is food and medical grade quality and is dishwasher safe.  The edged top and bottom end caps also make for a great griping while you compacting.

Wacky now has 3 different sizes in stock 19mm, 23mm and 30mm.

Wacky Willy says, “Don’t forget to personalize your precious hash products!”   Stamp your herbs with Wacky’s cool selection of 3D Inlay Stamps for 23mm.

Cleaning Instructions:
Disassemble all parts, clean with hot water and dish soap or pop the parts into the dishwasher.
Allow to dry completely before reassembly and storage.

Height: 82.55 mm,  3.25 Inches

Diameter: 23mm,  0.90 inches

100% Food/Medical Grade Stainless Steel