30mm Stainless Steel Tincture Screen

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Tincture Press Filter Screen – SINGLE
160 micron stainless steel filter screen insert (or replacement screen) for the 30mm slotted end cap.

Boomers 30mm T-Bar Pollen Press can also be used as a Tincture Press by adding a slotted end cap and a stainless steel filter screen. Adding the filter screen to your end cap will keep more of the herbs out of your tincture giving it a better clarity and smoother texture.

Create  awesome extracts, herbal tinctures and Green Dragon at home without large expensive equipment.  No need to spend thousands on a large bulky tincture press that is designed for multiple liters and can only be used as a tincture press, when the 30mm T-Bar Press can be easily converted from a pollen press to a tincture press for under $20.


Get flexibility and affordability with Wacky Willy’s quality designed and versatile line of stainless steel tools.

 Micron: 160um
Size: 30 mm / 1.8 in
Material:  Stainless Steel mesh
– Food and Medical Grade
– Solvent resistant
– Dishwasher safe

Single Screen – other components sold separately