30mm T-Bar Hash Press

30mm T-Bar Hash Press



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T Bar Pollen Press  Jumbo – 30mm

Wacky’s Jumbo Pollen Press will turn your bubble hash tichomes into perfectly shaped easy to store pucks.  The stainless steel T-bar is able to withstand the repetitive heating and cranking as you press your keif into a solid puck or cylinder.  This Pollen Press is designed with 100% 304 Stainless Steel cylinder, caps gear and handle. The plug and spacer are constructed from aluminum.



This awesome  keif press is 6.2 inches tall and creates proportioned round wafers or tubes of hash with a diameter of  30mm, approximately the size of a quarter+.  The length of your compressed hash will be determined by the number of grams you put into the cylinder.

Tips from Wacky Willy:

Unscrew the top threads and remove rod
(or fill the cylinder by un-threading the bottom cap backing off the handle and removing the weight )
Insert your desired amount of keif
Insert rod and thread the top cap
Turn the handle until it stops
To remove puck: un-thread the bottom cap, remove weight and turn the handle until the puck can be removed.

Cleaning Instructions:
Disassemble all parts, clean with hot water and dish soap. Allow to dry completely before reassembly and storage.

Height: 158 mm,  6.2″
Diameter:  25mm,  1.18″ 

Bonus!  This awesome hash press comes in a carry box with a magnetic closure.


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