4 Gram Resealable Foil Herb Baggies

4 Gram Resealable Foil Herb Baggies

SKU 4-Gram-Ziplock-Baggies


Wacky Baggies – Foil Ziploc Bags

Approximately 4″ x 3.5″ Capacity:  2 to 4 grams
Keeps the smell IN! UV light, oxygen and moisture OUT!   Wacky Baggies are smell and water resistant, l
ong-lasting resealable and reusable, made from eco-friendly, food grade materials. Perfect for your medicine, herbs, buds and botanical supplements.



Wacky’s Resealable Foil Herb Baggies pouches feature a re-sealable zip lock closure, for safely storing or transporting your herbs. The metallic bags are heat sealed on 3 sides, much stronger than plastic and are fully recyclable.  They offer additional protection over plastic bag packaging including light/UV protection. A foil bag conceals the contents for extra privacy.


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