55 Gallon | Kombucha Brew Filter Bag | With Handles

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55 Gallon Kombucha Brew Filter Bags – With lifting handles 220 Micron

Wacky Bags All Mesh bubble filter bags are Canadian designed for bubble hash and herbal essence extraction and filtration. Our full selection of Wacky Bags sizes and microns comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and pass Food Safety Regulation Testing.


Wacky Willy’s all mesh Jumbo 55 Gallon bubble hash water and ice extraction bags are heavy duty bags that will fit any 55 gallon drum, rain barrel or stainless tank.   Wacky Bags  design makes them the fastest draining 55 gallon bags on the market. Perfect for large cold-water extraction jobs.  Just add ice, water and lots of herb or trim.

Wacky Willy’s Wacky Bubble Filter Bags are like nothing else you have ever seen!  Wacky Bags are designed completely of all mesh screen top to bottom.  They are super strong and will withstand extreme cold


Capacity: 55 Gallon

Color: white mesh, 4 Lifting handles

55 Gallon Commercial Wacky Bags are currently available in the following sizes: 220um, 160um, 110um. 90um ,73um, 45um, 25um. You can order here for other micron sizes 55 Gallon Bubble Bags All Mesh Bubble Hash Washing Extraction Filters (wackywillysweb.com)

The original Wacky Bags brand of ‘All Mesh’ bubble bags were designed in 2009 by Willy himself and are long-standing favorites of Licensed Producers and bubble hash extraction enthusiasts around the world!

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh Wacky Bags before, you are gonna love them!  Remember, his all mesh design means super fast draining and speedy clean up.

Unlike other bags on the market the Wacky Bags bubble bag design is completely all mesh which allows liquid to quickly seep through all sides, as well as the circular bottom of the bag.  This drastically reduces the time it takes to drain and speeds up your entire filtration process.


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