5 Gallon – Dry Ice Hash Keif Extraction Canvas Bags

5 Gallon – Dry Ice Hash Keif Extraction Canvas Bags



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Wacky Dry Ice Hash 5 Gallon Filter Bags – Nylon Canvas Sidewalls

Create your own Wacky Bag bubble hash bag set. Available micron sizes : 220, 190, 160,  

Extracting with Dry Ice is quick and easy! Simply add dry ice to plant matter and shake over a clean surface.
If you want to learn more, see Wacky Willy’s tips below, click the images for more details and enjoy the instructional videos.


Wacky Dry Ice Filter Bags are constructed with 100% waterproof nylon canvas sidewalls with mono-filament mesh micron screens lining the bottom. These heavy-duty Wacky Bags are made with the strongest nylon canvas on the market and are stitched with 100% nylon thread for extra durability.  They will endure extreme ice-cold water temperatures.

Wacky Willy’s Wacky Bubble Filter Bags are like nothing else you have ever seen!  Use the various micron size filter bags to efficiently filter all of the unwanted particles from your hash or botanicals.

These filter bags are all color coded with the micron size and feature a drawstring closure to fit many different size containers, making them perfect for many types of filtering.


Capacity: 5 Gallon

Color:  Color Coded 100% Nylon Canvas, with Colored Drawstrings

Size: ”21 high X ”19.5 diameter

Cleaning Instructions: A onetime investment will provide years of effortless filtration.  Clean the mono-filament screen and nylon bags with a small amount of dish soap in cold/warm water and if needed you can use ISO alcohol on the mesh screen then hang it to dry. It will provide consistent filtration with repeated use.

Tips from Wacky Willy:

Time to make some dry ice hash! You will need to experiment for best results.  Check out the videos for more information.


  • Dry ice Filter Bags – depending on the size of your crystals, Wacky recommends using the 5-gallon set of 220, 190, 160, micron bags. Different strains will give you different results.
  • Dry Ice – you will need approximately 6 small pieces, the size of golf balls when using the 5 gallon bags.




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