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WackyBags Bubble Hash Filter Bags 

Single bags in 10 different micron sizes:  500, 300, 220, 190, 160, 110, 90, 73, 45, 25
25 Micron | Smallest opening
500 Micron |  Biggest opening – Great for Big trichome clusters 


Fit 20-30-32 Gallon Vessels

WackyBags are made of 100% FDA approved Nylon material and comply with Licensed Producer Vendor Qualification requirements. Wacky Willys would be honored to provide your company with a completed Vendor Qualification Form and a Testing Verification Letter of Guarantee. 

WackyBags All Mesh 20-30-32 gallon bubble bags are used for washing and filtering bubble hash in commercial extraction labs.   Willy’s own Canadian design is specifically made of FDA approved nylon for filtering bubble hash and herbal extracts. The full product line of WackyBags comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and will pass commercial Food Safety Regulation Testing.



The 20-30-32 gallon WackyBags will fit these similar in diameter size vessels and can be adjusted tightly with the colored coded drawstring closures. WackyBags are easy to use, extremely durable, affordable and reusable. These sturdy bags will last you 100’s of washes and the all mesh design means super fast draining and easy clean up.

WackyBags are made from FDA Approved food grade mono-filament nylon mesh material and stitched with 100% nylon thread for extra industrial strength.

Each WackyBag is labelled with the micron size and color coded. Use the various micron sizes of bubble bags hash filters to efficiently filter all of the unwanted particles from your  bubble hash or herbal extracts.  The biggest micron screen opening is 500 and the smallest is 25.

Unlike canvas bags with mesh only on the bottom or 3/4, this design is completely all mesh which allows liquid to quickly seep through all sides, as well as the circular bottom of the bag.  This drastically reduces the time it takes to drain and speeds up your entire filtration process.

All mesh WackyBags bubble bags hash filters will not peel color or contaminants into your precious product, making them perfect for many types of extracting and filtering: dry ice, keif, bubble hash, ethanol/ever-clear and making tinctures and infusions with butters and creams or soup/gravy, wine/beer.  They can also be successfully used for filtering contaminates from cooking oils and sump pump filtering etc.

Here’s how Wacky Willy recommends using the 300 and 500 Micron Wacky Bags:

Start your bubble hash washing process with a quick 2-3 minute wash by putting the 110 micron Wacky Bag in your barrel first, then the 3oo or 500 micron Wacky Bag as your work bag. Gently wash your buds and trim with ice and water or go ice-less with Arctic Boomer.  After you catch the big heads, double heads and clusters in your 300 or 500 bag, then proceed by transferring everything back into washing barrel that is set up with a 220 micron Wacky Bag and your usual bag set up.  This two phase process using the 300/500 Wacky Bags will ensure that you are not tossing out the amazing full-size glandular heads and clusters.  You will be glad you discovered this new way to capture all the bigger glands that were previously caught in the 220 and sadly thrown away.

With the 300/500 Wacky Bag process, you can now capture all of the enormous potent rich resinous glands from your harvest!    

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh WackyBags before, you are gonna love them!

20-30-32 Gallon WackyBag Specifications:

Capacity: 2-3 pounds dry plant material weight.

Fits Vessel Sizes:  20, 30, 32 Gallon Vessels (see size chart)

Color: Pure White Mesh, Colored Drawstrings

Wacky Bags Filter Bag Dimensions











Bag Flat Width 10” 20” 32” 38.25”
Bag Diameter 6.3” 12.7” 20.37” 22.36”

(side seam)

6.5” 16” 28” 38”


20” 40” 66” 68.5”

Measuring Wacky Bags Flat-Width & Converting to Diameter:

To measure flat width: Lay the WackyBag flat on a table and measure across the width of the bag.

For example: a 20-32 Gallon Wacky Bag has a flat width of 32”.

How to Convert the flat width to a diameter:

The formula is: 2 times the flat width Divided by 3.14159 equals the Diameter.

In this example:  2 X 32” = 64” ÷ 3.14159 = 20.37” Diameter