Aluminum Dry Sift Screens

Aluminum Dry Sift Screens

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4 Pc Set – Dry Sift Aluminum Hash Screens  24″ X 12″

Portable Industrial Strength Trimming and Collecting Screens
Awesome set of Aluminum Dry Sift Polyester Screens for drying, trimming, and crystal collection.

Make dry sift hash for rosin tec with ease. Wacky Willy’s Dry Sift Screen set features 4 different micron sizes: 250, 190, 149 and 75. Dry sift screens are used to collect pure glandular head plant crystals from dried trim, making dry sift, then rosin. These screens will quickly and efficiently extract contaminant from your heads to purify your hash.


Wacky screens are food grade designed with 100 % aluminum frames and 100% polyester mesh screen professionally stretched to fit on the aluminum framework tightly. This dry sift system is extremely portable, durable and easy to bring anywhere in a flash.

Use the first screen and then subsequent screens to filter your herb further and further to sift and separate your product grades falling through the screen extraction process.

Have fun dry sifting your hash with this professional sift kit!


Each screen is: 24″ x 12″ x 2″ 

Top Screen: 250 Micron
2nd Screen: 190 Micron
3rd Screen: 149 Micron
Bottom Screen: 75 Micron


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