Iceless Bubble Hash Extraction Chiller Machine – Standard Kit



The Arctic Boomer’s revolutionary ‘iceless’ sub-zero bubble hash extraction system, achieves a premium yield with intact trichome separation from the plant surface with little or no plant-particulate in your final product.  Simple effective air agitation along with consistent freezing water temperatures is extremely powerful, yet gentle enough to do a superior job!

Preserve What Matters!

Potency.   Time.   Labor.   Water.   Your Investment.

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Iceless Bubble Hash Extraction System

Willy’s Revolutionary Bubble Hash Extraction Method.

The Arctic Boomer is a mind blowing, craft bubble hash extraction game changer!  Imagine making 6-star bubble hash with No ice, No paddle, No mechanical mixing device and No plastic garbage pail.

The 75-gallon iceless sub-zero water extraction machine is designed to keep frigid cold-water temperatures stable during processing.  The 100% stainless steel commercial tank contains a built-in external refrigerant condenser and compressor to keep water Arctic ice cold during extraction.

This technology breakthrough in solventless bubble hash extraction is unique not only because it consistently maintains a 32-degree water temperature but also because it naturally agitates with oil-free compressed air bubbles instead of manual devices.

Potency & purity of  bubble hash depends on 2 important factors:

  1. Keeping water temperatures extremely cold at 32 degrees or lower.
  2. Keeping medicine rich trichomes fully intact.

The Arctic Boomer makes it easy to do both! 

System Benefits:

Ice-less Sub-Zero Temperature Controlled Processing = Consistent Temperature.

Gentle Trichome Preserving Processing = Improved Potency & Yield.

Oil Free Compressed Air Agitation = Time & Labour Savings.

Stainless-Steel Tank & Vessels = FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Compliant.

Water Recycling System = Efficient Processing Loop that Conserves Natural Resources.

Manufactured in the USA and Canada = Top Quality & Safety

Standard Extraction Kit Includes:

Stainless-Steel 75 Gallon Tank

•Refrigerant Compressor and Condenser
•Tempered Glass Doors and Digital Temperature Gauge
•Heavy Duty Steel Tank Stand
•Ball Valve and Tri-Clamp System and Sight Glass
•Air Injector Coupling
•Stainless Steel Air Agitator System

30 Gallon Stainless Containment Steel Vessel

•1″ Thick Insulated Cryogenic Neoprene Jacket

•Ball Valve and Tri-Clamp System


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The Secret of Natural Air Agitation

Natural air agitation technology, softly induces bursting air bubbles and turbulent mixing waves enabling buds and trim to be gently and thoroughly tumbled. The bubbling waves keep the plant matter bobbing, bouncing and moving (without paddles or rotary mixing).

In fact, these exploding air bubbles do more than mix! The effervescence reaches every aspect of the trichome rich buds as they ride the waves created by the compressed air or Co2 and gently disrupt and detach all of the resinous glandular trichomes from the plant matrix. Without the heavy weight of the ice the cannabis is free to float and move. The bobbing action combined with exploding bubbles, effectively detaches the desirable intact glandular trichomes.

Because of the gentleness of the bursting air bubbles and waves, the fullest cannabinoid potential can be released without cellular damage or trichome discretion.  Vigorous mixing with heavy sharp jagged ice or mixers is known to damage the plant mutilating the trichomes as well as releasing excessive chlorophyll into your end product.

Simple effective air agitation along with freezing water temperatures is extremely powerful, yet gentle enough to do a superior job!