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Arctic Boomer Iceless Bubble Hash Washing Machine

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Quick Overview

Iceless Bubble Hash Extraction System

Willy’s Revolutionary Bubble Hash Extraction Method.

The Arctic Boomer is a mind blowing, craft bubble hash extraction game changer!  Imagine making 6-star bubble hash with No ice, No paddle, No mechanical mixing device and No plastic garbage pail.

The 75-gallon iceless sub-zero water extraction machine is designed to keep frigid cold-water temperatures stable during processing.  The 100% stainless steel commercial tank contains a built-in external refrigerant condenser and compressor to keep water Arctic ice cold during extraction.

This technology breakthrough in solventless bubble hash extraction is unique not only because it consistently maintains a 32-degree water temperature but also because it naturally agitates with oil-free compressed air bubbles instead of manual devices.

Potency & purity of  bubble hash depends on 2 important factors:

  1. Keeping water temperatures extremely cold at 32 degrees or lower.
  2. Keeping medicine rich trichomes fully intact.

The Arctic Boomer makes it easy to do both! 


$11,995.00 $10,995.00

Arctic Boomer is the one & only Iceless Sub-Zero Water & Air Agitated Extraction System!

Natural air agitation technology softly induces bursting air bubbles that generate soft water turbulence creating waves that naturally mix floating plant material. The bubbling waves keep the floating plant matter bobbing, bouncing and moving, without paddles or rotary mixing devices.

The Arctic Boomer system, achieves maximum resin head separation  with little or no plant-particulate left behind in the final product.

The exploding air bubbles do more than mix, they gently disrupt and detach the glandular trichomes from the plant without damaging them. The fullest cannabinoid potential can be released from the plant when the glandular trichomes are carefully preserved during processing. Vigorous ice mixing can easily damage the plant structure releasing excessive chlorophyll and mangles trichomes. Simple effective air agitation extraction is gentle yet extremely powerful.

 Here are some of the perks:

  • Iceless Sub-Zero temperature-controlled processing = Hassle free temperature maintenance.
  • No Ice Required = Overhead Cost Savings.
  • No Chiller Required = Equipment Cost/Footprint Savings.
  • Oil Free Compressed Air Agitation = Time & labor savings.
  • Gentle trichome preserving process = High potency, Improved Yield.
  • Hygienic 304 Stainless Steel Tank = 100% Food Grade Compliant.
  • FDA Approved 316 Stainless Vessels = Sanitary  Free Construction.
  • Recycling Water Pump = Continuous Processing with Increased Production Output.
  • Custom Designed for the Cannabis Industry = Optimized Bubble Hash Production.
  • All Mesh Wacky Bags = Superior Trichome Capture & Yield.
  • Manufactured in the USA  = Top Quality & Safety.
Base Unit Includes:
  • Arctic Boomer 75 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
  • Sub-Zero refrigerant compressor with huge condenser
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Air Injector Agitator Coupling
  • Tri-Clamps connections with Ball Valve System
  • Shipping Costs are not included with Boomers Commercial Gear

Additional System Options:

  • 20, 30, 55, 65 Gallon Stainless Steel Boomers Barrel – Containment Vessels, standard with Cryogenic Neoprene Insulation Jacket, drains and lids.
  • Wacky Bag Filter Kits – All Mesh Sets or Singles available in various microns
  • Sight Glass (for product control trichome viewing)
  • Barrel Dolly
  • Boomers Water Recycling Pump
  • Boomers Air Compressor 2HP, Oil-Free Ultra Quiet
  • Extra Drains, Fittings, Ball Valves, Hoses
  • Many other customization options are available for your lab configuration.   Call for a consultation and custom quote

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How Air Agitation Works for Making Bubble Hash :

The efficiency of compressed air agitating is remarkable!  Injecting compressed air into a frigid water filled tank creates rapid agitation and water movement.  Bursting air bubbles generate energy that builds up water turbulence and creates waves.  The speed and velocity of the bubbling streams of bursting air bubbles combined with wave turbulence naturally move and mix floating plant material and maintain the suspension of the plant matter, without damaging the glandular trichome heads and tails.

While the plant matter is softly bobbing around on the waves in the tank, that’s when the magic happens.  The exploding bubbles and tumbling motion gently disrupt and detach the glandular trichomes from the plant.  While the plant continues to float, the resinous heads and tails gently fall the bottom of the tank.  With 100% natural air agitation, floating cannabis will literally ride the waves created by the bubbles and drop all their medicine rich glands!  It’s clean, gentle and effective.   With zero moving parts, the plants cellular structure will not be damaged or pulverized.

Benefits of Air Agitation:

  • Reduces Time and Physical Labour – totally hassle free!
  • Cost effective and highly efficient
  • Zero in tank maintenance
  • Extracts the full terpene potential from hemp and cannabis
  • Keeps glandular trichomes intact
  • Yields are superior quality with higher potency
  • Natural organic processing without contaminants or chemicals
  • Food/Medical grade quality processing
  • H20 movement keeps tank temperatures low

The Arctic Boomer system, achieves maximum resin head separation from the plant surface with little or no plant-particulate in your final product. ​

Who doesn’t love 6-star hash?

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