Arctic Robot | Bubble Hash Washing Robot | 55 Gallon



Wacky Willy’s is proud to announce our newest innovation – the Arctic Plunge Robotic Extraction system. This state-of-the-art technology is revolutionizing the extraction industry with its gentle and effective pressure wave plunge agitator arm that separates trichomes from plant material without degrading it.

The automatic system offers hands free operation.  Set the speed and duration via a wall mounted controller box for the desired agitation, allowing you t0 create the perfect agitation pressure required for your processing.

Biomass floats, so upon the pressure release of the disc the biomass pops back up to the top of the vessel aided by the suction created by the disc wave of agitation.  Achieving total trichome separation without damaging your trichomes or plant material. Agitation, like never seen before!


ArcticPlunge stainless steel perforated disc applies pressure to the ice, water and biomass; pushing down and sucking up your material in a  up and down motion inside your vessel.  The gentle wave of water action created by the agitator disc will not tear your WackyBags

Are you in the middle of Tim Buck two and don’t have power other then your generator or solar panel?
This unit will save your ass – all you need to do is run one a simple compressor at 110V 15amp for this unit to work

The system features a robotic arm that plunges into the ice water and plant material mixture, creating a gentle pressure wave that ensures the proper separation of trichomes. This results in a high-quality extract that maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes unique to each strain. You can use 3 – 55 Gallon drums side by side with this unit

Operated by compressed air, the agitator arm of the Arctic Plunge provides consistent and precise agitation of plant material. This robotic arm can be programmed to agitate according to your specific SOP, guaranteeing proper separation of trichomes without any damage. The system is also scalable, allowing you to start with one vessel and work your way up to multiple vessels working in synchronization for faster and more efficient lab processing. With the flexibility to use one or multiple 65 or 55-gallon vessels, the Arctic Plunge is the perfect solution for all your extraction needs. Additionally, the system is FDA and Health Canada compliant, constructed with 100% stainless steel and sanitary welds, ensuring a safe and hygienic extraction process.

Overall, the Arctic Plunge robotic system with its gentle pressure wave plunge agitator arm with FDA and Health Canada compliant construction, It is a valuable tool for producing high-quality extracts from cannabis and hemp without the use of harsh chemicals or excessive physical labour. Its efficient and gentle extraction process ensures that the plant material is not degraded, resulting in a pure and potent extract with maximum potency and purity.


    • 100% Stainless Steel laser cut Drum Lid
    • Wall mounted Automatic Controller Box with Timer, Air Connectors & 25” Hose.
    • Stainless Steel Cylinder Rod and air hoses
    • Stainless steel laser cut agitation disk
    • Powder coated stand
    • Up and down controller

Made in USA and proudly designed by Wacky Willy!