ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator Manual

ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator – Manual

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ArcticPlunge Pressure Agitator – Manual

Willys breakthrough ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator for bubble hash washing utilizes compressed air for its pressure mixing motion.  Simply attach the manually operated  ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator cylinder and disc to your vessel via the lid system provided, then connect the compressed air hoses to your compressor and the foot pedal.

During the agitation wash cycle, the ArcticPlunge stainless steel perforated disc applies pressure to the ice, water and biomass; pushing down and sucking up your material in a  up and down motion inside your vessel.  The gentle wave of water action created by the agitator disc will not tear your WackyBags, damage or shred your plant material.

Imagine the luxury of not having to hand paddle, whip or drill mix to agitate your bubble hash, just step on the pedal and save your back and the plant from being damaged!

Please note :
The ArcticPlunge Agitator is also sold as a complete fully automatic system for $1250.00. This upgrade comes with a wall mounted controller box, and a timer for custom speed time settings. The automatic timer system allows you to set repeatable speeds in seconds or minutes for the desired up and down agitation throughout your wash cycle. Click here for more info. 




The ArcticPlunge bubble hash agitator gently pushes your material down beneath the water and ice then releases it back to the top with a wave of released pressure.  It’s easy to operate by manually stepping on the foot pedal to make the cylinder disc go up and down. You can create just the right agitation pressure required for your process.

Biomass floats, so upon the pressure release of the disc it pops back up to the top of the vessel aided by the suction created by the disc wave of agitation.  Achieving total trichome separation without damaging your trichomes or plant material. Like never seen before!

Features and Specifications:

Available in 2 standard sizes to fit 20-32 and 55 Gallon vessels. 65 Gallon systems and Custom sizes also available upon request. Internal components are 100% Stainless Steel. System runs best at 40 LBS of compressed air.

An Air Compressor is required to operate this agitation system.   We suggest the CAT 20020 California Air, Ultra Quiet, Oil Free 2.0 HP 20 Gallon tank compressor, or something equivalent.


    • 100% Stainless Steel laser cut Drum Lid for 30 or 55 gallon drums
    • Manual Foot Pedal system
    • Stainless Steel Cylinder Rod and air hoses
    • Stainless steel laser cut agitation disk

Made in Canada and proudly designed by Wacky Willy!

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