Bakers 3PC Tool Kit – Medicinal Concentrates

Bakers 3PC Tool Kit – Medicinal Concentrates

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Medicinal Concentrate 3 PC Tool Kit

Includes three double sided tools in a beautiful stainless steel storage box.
1 x Daub-n-Spread
1x Pick-n-Awl
1 x Scrape-n-Brush
1 x Stainless storage box

Wacky Willy says this is a must have tool kit!

Daub and Spread Tool: The dauber is used to skillfully measure out a dab by pressing into the product, the more you press the bigger it gets. The spreader tool is great for crumble or less stable concentrates, so use it to drip or shovel.

Scrape and Brush: The brush is fantastic for maintenance and odd jobs, it is simply the best cleaner around for downstems, mouthpieces and straws. The scrape end is actually best for lifting your product like a shovel or can be used for scraping or as a clean up tool.

Pick and Awl: Typically, both ends of this tool are used for poking and picking at your products, and it is super handy for making holes or cleaning out holes. Awesome for cleaning out those to reach spots in your gear and it can also be used as a dabber.


BAKERS Tools, Medical Grade 304L Stainless Steel with Case

Wacky Willy’s Bakers Wax Tool Kit; awesome all-in-one tool set for wax and medical concentrates. Forged from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel 304L, then carefully beveled and hand polished to ensure the smoothest surface. The cool tool box comes with the three essential for dabbing, cleaning and maintenance. Each double-sided tool is non-stick, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, dishwasher safe and extremely durable.


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