BHO Oil 30mm Accessories

BHO Oil 30mm Accessories

SKU 30mm-HoneyOils


Stainless Steel Honey Oil Extractor Accessories

Turn your Boomers 30mm pollen press into an extractor with these accessories.

Unlike plastic extractors Wacky Willy’s are 100% 304 stainless steel medical and food grade, dishwasher safe and solvent resistant which makes it perfect for oil extraction.  Stainless steel extractors and their accessories will last a lifetime.


Accessory pack includes:
1-Stainless Steel Extractor Cylinder Cap
1-Stainless Steel Extractor Cylinder Filter Cap
1-Stainless Steel 160 Micron Mesh Filter Screen insert

With a filter screen that fits inside the filter cap there is no need to use a hose clamp. Both the top and filter cap thread on making the unit easy to assemble, use and easy to clean. You can be sure of a safe hygienic extraction process with Willy’s durable quality stainless steel extractors and accessories.


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