Boomers 30mm T-Bar Hash Press

Boomers 30mm T-Bar Hash Press

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Boomers Pollen Press 30mm

This King Size T-Bar Pollen Press is 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel. No Aluminum Parts! 

This Boomers Pollen Press is designed with 100% 304L Stainless Steel and will press your bubble hash tichomes into perfectly shaped, easy to store pucks or long cylinders.  Built with a solid steel T-bar able to withstand the repetitive heating and cranking as you press your keif into a solid wafer or cylinder. Wacky Willy’s Pollen Press combines quality with affordability, and is made to last a lifetime.   Beware of cheap aluminum presses that break and leave aluminum shavings in your hash.



Wacky Willy’s  Large T-Bar Keif Press is 6.2 inches tall and creates proportioned round wafers or tubes of hash with a diameter of 30mm, approximately the size of a quarter.  The length of compressed hash will be determined by the number of grams put into the cylinder.  Long cylinders of hash or botanicals can be produced up to 22.5 grams and 6 inches tall. Wafers can be made several at a time using the 3D or blank inlay stamps to separate the pucks.

Tips from Wacky Willy:

Unscrew the top threads and remove rod
(or fill the cylinder by un-threading the bottom cap backing off the handle and removing the weight )
Insert desired amount of keif
Insert rod and thread the top cap
Turn the handle until it stops
To remove puck: un-thread the bottom cap, remove weight and turn the handle until the puck can be removed.

Don’t forget to personalize your precious hash products!  Stamp your herbs with Wacky’s cool selection of 3D Stamps for 30mm!

Cleaning Instructions:
Disassemble all parts, clean with hot water and dish soap or pop the parts into the dishwasher.
Allow to dry completely before reassembly and storage.

Height: 6.2 inches / 157 mm

Diameter Base: 1.5 inch / 3.8 cm

Diameter Inside: 1.18 inch / 30 mm
Weight (press only): 1.8 lbs / .820kg

Capacity: Min 2.5g / Max 22.5g 

100% Food/Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe and Heat Resistant
Diamond Cut detail on the top and bottom caps provide superior grip
The pieces have been machined to fit together with 1/10th mm clearance
Better Threading for increased strength and durability
Reinforced Cylinder wall

See Wacky’s Available Accessories that fit this product:  Interchangeable accessories created custom for this press, will convert it into a tincture press or an BHO press.

BHO Attachment
Slotted Tincture End Cap
Bolt End Cap
3D Inlay Stamps


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