Boomers Baby Buzz – Small Dry Sift Vibration Table



This unit can be used in so many different ways – 

  • Vibrating chocolate
  • Pre-roll classifier
  • Dry Sifting
  • Freeze dryer hash sifter
  • Keif moon rocket joints 

Kit Includes:

  • Heavy duty aluminum vibration frame with 4 suction cup feet
  • Locking frame system
  • 4Pc 12×24 Screens in Micron Sizes: 250, 165, 149, 75
  • Variable Frequency Speed Controller
  • 110 Volt Stainless Steel Vibrator


Baby Buzz is the newest addition to Willys dry sift vibration table systems.  This compact unit offers a speedy solution for dry sifting and will help you produce a consistent quality yield in every batch.

Baby Buzz is a small yet mighty 12″ X 24″ dry sift vibration table with a powerful vibratory 4 Pc screen system (250, 190, 149 and 75). This sturdy processor is capable of sifting 1/4 pound of dry buds in minutes, allowing for a high quality output

Traditional dry sift processing is done entirely by hand carding plant material across screens or in a mechanical single micron screen system offering a low quality farmers grade output.  These processes are both time and labor intensive and/or produce low quality/quantity yields making it difficult to justify a return on investment for Craft production.  Baby Buzz solves these issues and will help you get into the dry sift production game with a consistent high quantity and quality yield! 

Variable vibration from 400-800 settings can be set, controlled and easily replicated during production.  The 4 screen system, offers three end product grades.  You can use 1 screen or all 4.

High potency 6 Star results can be seen in a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the strain).  However, if large quantities of farmers grade hash is desired, simply adjust the frequency and let your Baby Buzz run for 15 minutes or more.    Either way, you will love the performance and yield from this system!

Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein.

Here’s How it Works

Gently bounce your botanical or crank up the hertz and let it rip!  Whatever setting and length of time you prefer, can be easily repeated for the same results every time. 

The Baby Buzz system allows you to achieve maximum extraction quality control while saving time and labour in the production of superior terpene-rich dry sift hash.

The powerful vibrating table system mechanically separates and extracts pure resinous trichome glands from hemp and cannabis plants.  The vibration frequency and amplitude settings can be adjusted and for your strains and production requirements. 

The Baby Buzz uses vibrational energy to gently move buds, leaf and trim material in a back and forth bouncing motion, oscillating them across the screen. By adjusting the vibrational energy intensity (amplitude) and frequency (Hertz) you can regulate how your buds or trim react to the waves of vibration.

That’s why the Boomers ‘Baby Buzz’ Dry Sift Vibrating Table System is the perfect solution for your Craft Production requirements. 

During bud and trim vibration, resinous trichome heads and tails begin waving with vibrational energy, then fall off the plant matter, fully intact. This totally natural extraction method is way faster and produces a more consistent product yield than hand sifting!

  • Additional Screens – Optional
  • Shipping is additional, please call us for a quote.