Boomers Stainless Barrels – 30 Gallon Containment Vessel

Boomers Stainless Barrels – 30 Gallon Containment Vessel



Wacky Willy’s new line of 100% Stainless Steel Barrels and Vessels for bubble hash washing, infusions and containment come standard with a 1.5″ tri-clamp drain, ball valve system. Several different gallon sizes are available:   30, 55 and 65 gallons.

Our barrels feature deluxe 1-inch thick neoprene cryogenic insulation jackets to extend cold water processing time.  These cool chill jackets are specifically designed to help maintain freezing cold-water temperatures for the duration of your bubble hash extractions.

These top quality sanitary seamless built vessels are the best vessels available on the market and meet FDA food grade compliant standards.  They are constructed with sanitary welds to ensure there are no cracks or crevices for mold or bacteria to hide in.  The smooth interior surface makes cleaning super easy.  Now you can keep your products pure and totally hygienic in compliance with Health Standards and Safety Regulations.

Made in Canada with USA Steel!

      • 16 Gauge, 304L Stainless Steel
      • Food Grade Quality
      • Sanitary Welds, Totally Crevice Free
      • 2B Food Grade Finish
      • 1.5″ Drain, Tri-clamp and Ball Valve System
      • Includes Lid
      • 1 Inch Royal Blue Neoprene Cryogenic Insulated Chill Jacket


  • 20 Gallon: Height: 19.5″,  Diameter: 18.75″
  • 30 Gallon: Height: 28.5″, Diameter: 18.75″
  • 55 Gallon: Height: 34.5″, Diameter: 23.5”, Weight: 51 lbs
  • 65 Gallon: Height: 23.25″, Diameter: 30″, Weight: 68 lbs

NOTE: If you plan to use these barrels for ice-water hash washing, you will want to customize your vessel with a false bottom/top, as well as additional ports for air agitation and water re-circulation.

Additional features can be added to meet your unique specifications: 

  • False Bottom and Tops
  • Dolly/Wheels
  • Extra Ports
  • Extra Tri-clamps,
  • Extra Ball-valves
  • Sight Glass
  • Filter Bags
  • Custom Logos

Our vessels can be easily custom designed with additional ports and features above by calling the team at Wacky Willys.  



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