Boveda 8 Gram 2 Way Humidity Control

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So what do you do with that 1/4 you found of that great stuff you thought you lost and now it’s dry as a bone and just crumples in your fingers? Its no good for pressing, too dry to smoke and has little to no smell… Wait, there is a solution!

Re-vitalize that flower with the 2-way humidity control 8-gram packet. This revolutionary 2-way humidity 8-gram control pack doesn’t just refresh and revitalize your buds, it actually brings back that beautiful fragrant aroma as well.


Designed to bring your dryness to a more humid level but at the same time bring your really moist stuff down to a more tolerable level. The Boveda 8 Gram 2 Way Humidity Control packs are engineered to keep your product at a 62% humidity level which is the perfect environment for storage of most flowers and tobacco products.

This 8-gram packet will slowly lower or raise the humidity of anything you pop it in a bag with. Yes, it’s just that simple. Put it in a zip lock bag or one of our air tight stainless steel containers and let it do its work. You will be amazed at the amount of life these packets will bring back into your old dried out goods.

Wacky Willy’s Tips: Try putting up to four 8-gram packets in one of our decarboxylation stainless steel containers with a pound or so of dried product. Wait about 48 hours and see the difference in your quality.

62% or 72 % 8 gram packet  

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