Buddies Buzz Box-Bamboo Vibrating Stainless Screen

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Vibrating Bamboo Sift box

Buddies Buzz Box is made out of Bamboo and has an attractive compact design as well as a sturdy build with 4 strong magnets to hold the compartments together. Stainless steel screen at 160 microns. This box has a glossy black glass catching tray for easy removal of your treats.


The Buddies Buzz Box is USB powered that will attach to any device allowing portable access to power anywhere you are. Simply plug into any USB outlet (computer or cell phone charger)  Watch as the vibration works to extract the keif from the herb or sifting to refine your hash

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 inches 2.5 inches high
100% Bamboo Wooden Box
Stainless steel screen 160 Micron
Cord Length: 4 ft
Speed: Adjustable up to 3000 RPM


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