Co2 Bubble Hash Extractor

Co2 Bubble Hash Extractor

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CO2 or Compressed Air Agitator – 100% Stainless Steel Attachment

Wacky Willy’s new stainless steel agitator blaster runs on compressed air or CO2 blowing freezing cold air into your bubble hash!  Ideal for cold water ice extraction and CO2 extraction. Agitates well with 5 – 30 gallon buckets.  This attachment has no plastic or moving parts, and no electricity is required.


Tired of mixing, stirring and ripping your bags with non-medical or food grade drills and sticks?  Well now there is an affordable alternative.  Wacky’s 100% Stainless Steel blaster attachment allows you agitate with the flow of air into your bubble mix and create huge bubbles without manually stirring your bubble hash.  Use the agitator with CO2 and have the freedom to extract anywhere, no electricity required and the CO2 chills with or without ice.


  • Height – 4 inches long
  • Diameter – 2 inches
  • Powered by CO2 or compressed air
  • Temperature, solvent, corrosion resistant and food safe
  • Hose in not included – will fit all 1/2 pipes or hose


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