CoCo Boomer – Icy Hot Bubble Hash Washing Decarboxylation System



Coco Boomer Icy Hot System

Extraction & Infusion ‘All in One’  Machine 

Make bubble hash, infuse and decarboxylate, this machine does it all!   Coco Boomers’ Icy Hot capability is perfect for Craft Producers who need to extract, infuse and decarb their products safely and affordably in one multi-purpose machine.

Willy’s  ingenious original design is another major advancement for small to midsize extraction labs!


Making bubble hash with ice water and pure air agitation is fast, efficient and clean with Coco Boomers built in easy lift strainer basket.  After washing, simply roll back the full basket of bio mass and dump it straight through the funneled shoot directly into a containment vessel.  No heavy lifting required.  You can process 6-8 pounds of  plant material either free flow or with the use of Wacky Bags Zipper Bags.

To infuse and decarboxylate your products, simply add your liquids, oils or butters along with your cannabis, hemp or herbals;  then fire up the twin propane burners to heat the product to your desired temperature.  Once you are done with the infusion process, strain out the biomass with the built in strainer and let your liquid cool down.  You can further filter and purify your end product by draining into a Wacky Bags 4-8 bag micron set or just simply wait for the butter to solidify to remove the solids from the tank.

Clean up is a breeze! It will take you less than 30 minutes to clean and sanitize the Coco Boomer so you can quickly get working on your next batch!

Icy Hot Washing and Infusion System Benefits

Ice & Water Bubble Hash Washing with Air Agitation

Heated for Decarboxylation and Infusion

Decarbs and Infuses Liquids, Tea’s, Beverages, Coconut Butter, Oils

Dual Equipment Capability saves on Lab Footprint and Equipment Costs

Simple to operate with easy lift strainer basket

Portable wheeled base for ease of transporting inside or out

Safety Viewing Port for monitoring the process, when the system lid is closed

Quick clean up and turn around time of 30 minutes or less.

Makes Premium Quality Bubble Hash and Infused Products!

System Specifications:

  • 45 Gallon Capacity
  • Air Agitation Bar Coupling
  • 2 Propane Burners
  • 100% Food Grade Aluminum
  • Made in the USA