Dry Sift Hash Collection Cards

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Wacky Dry Sift Collection Card – Jumbo size

Size is 6.5 inches long x 2 inches tall

Wacky Willy’s Collection Cards are super duper handy for sifting, scraping and collecting your extractions from your Wacky Bubble Hash Bags, dry sift filter screens

After your dry ice extraction, use these convenient plastic cards to collect your concentrate. They will allow you to gather and scoop your keif without having it stick to your hands. Wacky cards are perfect for transferring keif from the table to the scale or for scraping out your grinder or collecting all the butter out of your extraction machines. They are totally reusable, durable and dishwasher safe.


The Wacky Card is awesome to help you purify contaminates from your dry sift resin by gently carding your extraction on your Refining Screen.  Gently push cystolith hairs and capitulate stocks through the screen by moving the keif around on the screen with your Wacky Dry Sift Collection Card until only the full melt is left on the refining screen.  Wacky’s design is awesome for dry sifting, the card holds a slight static charge that actually attracts your product.

Wacky Willy says this little gadget is one of his all-time favorites!  With so many uses you won’t want to ever be without one!  You can also use them to clean your lab space and counter-tops before using a cloth for faster clean up time.


Colour:  WackyBags.Com

The 4 pc Set contains 4 Jumbo cards