Dry Sift Vibrator Powder Screen Shaker

Dry Sift Vibrator Powder Screen Shaker

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Wacky Bouncer – Dry Sift Vibrator

Bouncing like never before. Our new Wacky Bouncer has 2 agitation bud heads designed to give you double the bouncing power!

OK, this is not what you think it is…that would be insane at 3000 RPM!  This is a duel high-powered vibrating
tool to bounce your bud.  It is the perfect addition to any Dry Sift Screen system and will sift out that keif fast!  Use them directly on any screen. The vibration shakes and bounces the trim and herb separating the resinous trichome glands from the plant matter. Use on a carding screen to separate plant contamination from the extraction to collect the full melt and optimize your yield.


The Wacky Bouncer has a 110-power adapter and a USB power cable that will attach to any device allowing portable access to power anywhere you are. Simply plug into any USB outlet (computer or power bank) or use with wall adapter and adjust the intensity of the vibration. Watch as the vibration works to extract the keif from the herb. The gentle vibrations will extract the pollen with less plant contamination than processing by hand.

Wacky Willy loves the multiple modes of speed with this duel vibration unit!  It has 11 different settings to choose from, each with their own unique vibe and surge styles. Some with quick pulses to rapid heavy pulse and everything in between. You will have blast discovering what works best for bouncing your bud!  It will gently and quickly separate pollen or seeds from dried plant matter in a flash!

Wacky Willy’s Tips!   If you are using the extra-large aluminum dry sift screens, you are going to need two or three vibrators at a time, this will allow you to process larger batches in way less time.

Color: Black with White
Cord Length: 4 ft
Speed: Adjustable up to 3000 RPM

Includes: 2 Vibrator buds in one unit , 1 Sift Card



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