Dry Sifting Keif Screens Set

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Portable Industrial Strength Trimming and Collecting Screens

8 Piece Dry Sift Screen Set

Wacky Willys  8 PC  Dry Sift Screen Set comes with 2 screens 1″x 8″x 12″, 1 dry sift collection card, 1 Head vibrator, 4  silicon containers and all the fun that comes with making your own dry sift.


Two different micron sizes come with this set, 165 Micron and 149 Micron Note  image is different.  Both screens were designed with 100 % aluminum frame with a 100% polyester screen professionally stretched to fit on the aluminum framework tightly. This dry sift system is extremely portable, durable and easy to bring anywhere in a flash. Now you can make dry sift for rosin tec with ease.

Use these 2 screens for trimming, to collect plant crystals at the same time, or use them with dried trim to make dry sift then rosin. With these two screens you can quickly and efficiently extract using the first screen and the second screen to help clean the contaminant that has fallen through from your first extraction.

– 8″ x 12″ x 1″ each
– Two Screen Sizes: 165 micron and 149 micron screen
– Aluminum frames


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