Hemp Hats 100% TCH Free


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Hemp Hats – 100% TCH Free

Wacky’s New line up of hats are made from 100% Organic Hemp (the THC Free kind)!  Colored with only dyes that are eco-friendly.  The natural hemp used to make these awesome hats is from a village instigated industry in Nepal – fair trade all the way!  The brim of the hat is nice and wide to give you maximum sun protection and you will love the wire brim that can be shaped how you like to style it!  The inside is soft breathable cotton so you don’t get the itchiness from the raw hemp outer fabric.  One size fits most everyone!  Pick your color and we will ship it out!

Wacky loves his traveling Black Hemp Hat and says you can squish it up in your bag and unfold it looking brand new!


Here is why Wacky Willy loves 100% Hempware!  (Besides that it looks way cool and feels awesome on!)

1. Hemp enriches the soil where it’s grown. has such deep roots that it can easily grow in many different types of soil and terrains. It even holds the soil together, and increases its microbial content.

2. Hemp absorbs toxic metals. Hemp has shown it can eliminate toxins and radioactive material from the environment. Scientists planted it at Chernobyl and found that hemp conducted phytore-mediation and removed chemicals from the soil better than any other plant.

3. Hemp can also help eliminate world hunger.  Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods; they’re a protein and contain amino acids and vitamins. They can also be made into oil or flour.

4. Hemp can reduce carbon emissions.  Hemp has such a high carbon-dioxide uptake that it creates a process called carbon sequestration, which captures emissions. Every ton of hemp eliminates 1.63 tons of carbon.

5. Hemp prevents deforestation.  Hemp can be used as source material for wood and paper; one acre of hemp can produce as much paper a year as four acres of trees.


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