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Home Use Freeze Dryer – Medium Black

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Quick Overview

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers are now commonly used in the Cannabis Industry.  The unique drying technology not only keeps botanical products fresh, it also preserves the potency, color, shape and nutritional value of cannabis and hemp.

Freeze drying cannabis and hemp removes moisture quickly (approx 24 hours or less) so you don’t have to worry about the potential microbial growth of mold and spores.  Freeze drying your product ensures that it will stay clean, healthy and pass Health Standards!

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The beauty of freeze drying bubble hash is not only in the speed and cleanliness, it is also in the superior terpene content and color that is preserved with this technology.  Lengthy air drying risks exposing your product to oxidation resulting in potency loss.

Freeze drying your precious bubble hash is simply healthier, faster, more efficient and creates superior quality end products.

Making high quality hash products efficiently means you can command top dollar!

The freeze dryer has built in intelligence. It automatically and perfectly manages the freeze drying process so you don’t have to!   Maintenance is very easy; simply filter and replace the oil, it only takes one or two minutes.

Other Colors and Sizes Available.  Call to order.

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