Mini Stainless Steel Hash Oil Funnel

Mini Stainless Steel Hash Oil Funnel



Wacky Hash Oil Funnel  %100 Stainless Steel

Wacky’s Oil Funnel will fit glass vials or small containers with an opening of at least 6.5 mm. The funnel’s 36mm wide opening allows for easy mess free filling.   It is 100% stainless steel, heat resistant and dishwasher safe.  Transfer your liquid and concentrated products faster and with less mess. Great for essential oils, terpenes, hash oil, botanical extracts, powder, small pellets, seeds, perfume and much more.


Glass vials and tincture bottles are necessary to portion and store your oils, botanicals and medicine but they can be tricky to fill.  With Wacky’s Funnel you will lower the risk losing your precious product.

To use:  Warm  your oil to make it easier to pour, insert funnel into glass vial, pour in oil. Once vial is full, remove funnel and repeat.

Wacky Willy’s Tip!  Using 3 funnels at a time will allow you to work more efficiently.  Start filling #1, #2, #3 then by the time you have filled the third funnel, the first funnel should be ready to be transferred to a new vial. No wasted time waiting for a single funnel to drain.

Cleaning:  Heat funnel to allow any remaining oil to drip out, clean with hot water and dish soap or place in Dishwasher



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