RAW – Joint Thumper 100 Cone Filling Machine V-3

RAW – Joint Thumper 100 Cone Filling Machine V-3

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V-3 Thumper 100 Cone Filler Packs 100 RAW Cones In Minutes

 The RAW Thumper 100 v3 uses sound waves and taps the vibrating cones as they fill up with plant material.  This unit saves you time and money on labor, it’s almost like having your own robot doing all the work for you. 

Willy Says, “Why spend thousands more for pretty much the same machine? Let Raw Rock On !!”.


The Thumper 100 V3 cone filling machine uses 3 Different RAW Brand Sizes:

  • Classic or Organic 1 1/4 = .75 gram
  • 98 Special = 1 gram
  • Classic or Organic King = 1.25 gram

Keep in mind – You can add extra plates in different sizes from 0.25 grams to .50 grams.

Your investment in a RAW Thumper 100 is fully backed by Willy!  We supply original replacement parts if needed, just give us a call. 


RAW’s Thumper 100 V3 is a reliable high quality Cone Filling Machine
This system fills 100 cones in minutes using sound saves to vibrate the plant material with a tapping motion to perfectly fill and pack your cones.   This robust unit is  made for those requiring speedy production times.

Benefits of the Thumper 100 V3:

  • Fills 100 cones in minutes.
  • Uses vibration and sound waves to fill and pack cones.
  • Thumper 100 Cone filler is a 2 part system compatible with 3 Raw sizes.
  • Willy supplies original replacement parts if needed!



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