Releasable Zip Zap Strap Cable Ties

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 Releasable Zip Zap Strap Cable Ties

Sold in packs of 6PC

Do you have a filter bag that needs a Releasable new zipper?  Did you get caught with your zipper down on your last big bubble hash washing job?   Well, that sucks!  Wacky Willy says, “Don’t throw out that bag,  just close it up with the new Wacky Zip Zap Ties and get back to washing your buds and trim!”.


Wacky Willy is introducing his new Releasable zip strips. They fit all washing machine bubble filter bags and are super affordable.  Perfect for small or large cold-water ice bubble hash extraction jobs, just add your trim and zip zap strap it up with a releasable cable tie!  The coolest part is you can reuse this zip zap strap!  It has a release button so you and undo it with out cutting it off and then use it on your next extraction job.

For best results, Wacky Willy recommends securing the top of the drawstring bag with his new releasable zap strap cable ties before agitation.  After you are done washing your trim, there is no need to cut the strap and risk damaging your bags, simply undue the zip zap straps and re-use them with your next batch.  Works better than the zipper on the zipper bags by far and is much cheaper and worry free!  These zip zap straps simply won’t budge. 

Releasable Zip Zap Strap Cable Ties are sold in packs of 6PC  and are worth every penny!

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