RocketSpa 55 Gallon – Vibrating Air Agitated Bubble Hash Washing Machine



The RocketSpa is a vibrating air agitated ice & water bubble hash washing vessel. Willy has designed this new system for Craft Extractors who are seeking ‘high quality’ trichome yields.

The RocketSpa system adds two new elements to the traditional ice and water bubble hash processing method.  The force of air agitation for gentle mixing and vibration for full trichome separation, as well as faster draining, making it possible to fully separate and yield intact trichomes down to 25 microns if desired.

Air Agitate, Vibrate and Drain your bubble hash all in one stainless steel vessel!  No need for additional containment barrels, as your Wacky Bags collection bags are already inside the RocketSpa.

Proudly Designed in Canada and Made in the USA!


The RocketSpa is an effective and affordable solution for small to midsize Craft Production Extraction Labs.   This ‘all in one tank’ process saves lab footprint and allows for scalability as  production grows.

The RocketSpa’s trichome separation action is fueled by all-natural forces!  Vibration waves and bursting air bubbles and do most of the work.   For quality yields, let the powerful forces of air and vibration gently and naturally do their job.  For added yield on your final washes, try adding Willy’s pressure agitator ArcticPlunge , a paddle or other mechanical mixing device.

Processing Tips & Recommendations from the Pro’s:

Capacity per wash: 15-20 pounds fresh frozen (depending on stain and density)

Wacky Bags Set up:  5 Bag Set is recommended and included free with purchase!  Microns: 220, 160, 110, 73, 25 or choose your own microns.  For multiple batch/washes, 220 Zipper Bags are good another option.  Ensure WackyBags are as low as possible.  Tighten the drawstrings and use a Wacky Band to hold them tightly to the vessel.

Ice & Water:  Fill order: Ice, Biomass, Ice, Biomass, Ice.  Add chilled water if possible.  The water level should be below 8 inches from the top of the vessel.

Biomass Soak Time: 5-10 minutes

Air Agitate Cycle: 15-25 minutes or more.  

 Wash and Drain Vibration: Vibrate throughout the wash and the drain cycle.  Adjust the frequency based on the biomass. The 45 and 25 micron Wacky Bags will drain more easily when draining with vibration.

Foam Containment: Keep the foam party rolling!  Scoop excess foam into a containment vessel and add it back to the RocketSpa when draining.

Collection Vibration:  Vibration during spray downs and collection helps evacuate water content from the hash, creating a dryer yield speeding up drying time.

Cryogenic Chiller Jackets*: Useful option to keep water temperatures below 32 degrees.  *Optional purchase add-on.

RocketSpa Features:

    • Ice and water bubble hash washing, all in one vessel.
    • Air Agitation is delivered from the top-down via a vessel lid-mounted coupling. The air coupling agitates directly inside of the WackyBags bubble bag filters.
    • The 110 Volt Industrial Vibration System is mounted below the tank and is fully watertight.
    • Control the vibration waves via the adjustable frequency controller box. Create just the right vibration wave for your strain by adjusting the Vibrations Per Minute (VPM).
    • Vibration waves created inside the water provide maximum trichome separation.
    • Vibrating water waves and motion help the trichomes to more easily pass through all of your WackyBags bubble bag filters.
    • Vibrated filter bag draining not only speeds up the process but also ensures that even your 25 Micron bags fully drain, allowing you to capture more trichomes from each wash cycle.
    • Tanks are 100% Medical Grade Stainless Steel and Sanitary Welded to meet your Health and Safety Standards.
    • Larger systems and customization is available upon request. 

RocketSpa Kit Includes:

      • 55 Gallon Stainless Steel Sanitary Welded Tank –  USA Made.
      • Vibration Motor control Box – USA Made
      • Air Agitation Coupling, 100% Stainless Steel and Lid Mounted
      • Pressure Release Port on Lid
      • Ball Valve
      • Motor mount
      • Welded Tank Legs
      • 1.5” Industrial Drain and Ball Valve
      • FREE – Wacky Bags All Mesh 5 Bag Set: 220, 160, 110, 73, 25 Microns (or choose your microns)
      • Additional Options: