Rosin Raw 6×6 Parchment Paper – 500PC

Rosin Raw 6×6 Parchment Paper – 500PC

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RAW Rosin Tech Parchment Paper 6″ X 6″ Square – 500 per box

When only the best paper will do!  Authentic RAW dual coated and extra-slick unrefined parchment paper squares are designed to take extreme heats and temperatures and are a very reliable, tough product that you can trust for all your rosin tech extraction needs.


RAW now has perfectly pre-cut 6″ X 6″ square pieces of parchment ready and waiting for you.  Just like all of RAW’s products it is always a super tough, durable piece of parchment.

RAW parchment squares are 100% naturally unbleached paper and are the most effective and eco-friendly non-stick surface.

Wacky Willy could go on and on about the ways RAW made their paper better than everything else – but once you try it you’ll understand why its the best.

Specifications: Rawthentic made by RAW

Quantity: 500 pieces per box

Size: 6″ X 6″


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