Rosin Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

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Wacky Screens  – Stainless Steel Screen Mesh, 6×12 Rosin Tec Filter Screens

3 PC Filter Screens, single screens 220, 73, 25 microns

Wacky Screens provide long lasting eco-friendly solutions for the extraction of essential oils from botanical plant matter or filtering unwanted particles from infused oils, butters or tinctures.

There are no chemicals or dyes in the 100% stainless steel screens. They are food grade and safe to use for edibles oils or tinctures. They are made from solvent resistant material and can be used with solvent extraction processes for herbal and medicinal plants.


Screen filters all measure 6″ x 12″ and are perfect for use with various extraction and filtration processes; mason jar, rosin tech press, oil extractors etc. The screens can be cut smaller to fit your precise extraction method measurements.

Tips: Wacky Willy is often asked about the use of coffee filters and cheese cloth for extraction; he has observed that both absorb the liquid being extracted, reducing the maximum yield from your extraction or filtration process. They also have a tendency to tear, releasing plant matter into your concentrate and both will need to be replaced after each use. Wacky Willy 100% recommends stainless steel screens.

Care and cleaning instructions:
Do not allow plant matter to dry on the screens. Always wash and rinse well with alcohol, then dry thoroughly.

Stainless Steel
Quantity: 3 Screens per package
Microns: 220, 73, 25