Rosin Tec Heat Gun

Rosin Tec Heat Gun

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Rosin Tech Temp Gun – IR Infrared Laser Thermometer

Wacky Willy’s awesome rosin tech laser heat gun is an instant point and shoot thermometer with an LCD display reading in both Fahrenheit or Celsius; perfect for both hot rosin or cold bubble.  This infrared thermometer with a laser guided sight for pointing accuracy is used for measuring the temperature of an object’s surface, which is applicable to various hot or hard to reach objects without direct contact safely and quickly.  It’s a must have to ensure that you get your rosin tech and product at the proper processing temperature.  Simply line up the surface you need to measure, aim down the classic sight and pull the trigger and it will digitally read the temperature accurately.


No more worries, fidgeting with dials or second guessing yourself to find the perfect temperature. This device measures temperatures from -58F to 626F (-50C to 330C). The infrared radius expands exponentially; the further you are away from your target. At 1.5 feet you will be measuring a 12″ surface radius and at 3 feet the surface measured expands to 36″ and so on. The cool orange and black model is light weight, portable and operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Please be sure to read the instruction manual for safe operating, precise measurement operation, maintenance and specifications.


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