Rosin Teck BHO Large Silicone Mat

SKU BHOSiliconeMat.


Large 16” x 12” BHO Silicone Mat Vacuum Mat

Wacky Mats are made from USP6 medical food grade silicone and are BPH free so you can feel good about turning any surface into a clean and safe non-stick work surface. Perfect for the stickiest concentrates with ZERO waste or mess.  Use Wacky Willy’s mats with all your extractions to avoid lost product and ensure maximum product yield. They will also help you protect your glass tools and reclaim lost oil.


Completely re-usable, solvent resistant, and heat proof to 500F, USP6 Silicon is an oven, microwave and hot-plate safe material that spreads heat evenly.

Wacky Willy highly recommends his mats for handling your rosin and in the production of medicinal edible cookies and candies, drying your cold-water extraction, catching your dry ice extraction, making wax, decarboxylating plant material, and purging BHO or shatter.  These mats create a clean work space for molding your products, pressing pucks and catching spillage when filling vials or tubes.

Cleaning Instructions: They make clean up effortless, simply wash your Wacky Mat with clean soapy water then hang it to dry. It can be rolled up for easy storage. Don’t worry, it will always lay flat when you need to use it!

Wacky Mats are long lasting and environmentally friendly, use them instead of disposable parchment paper.

Quantity: 1 mat

Color: Green edge, white surface
Size: 16” X 12”
Material: USP6 medical food grade silicone