Silicone T-Bar Grip – 30mm

Silicone T-Bar Grip – 30mm

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Silicon Non-Slip Grip for  E-Bar Keif Pollen Press
Protective Silicone Sleeve – Single

Wacky Willy custom designed the silicon grip for the keif pollen press and BHO extractor series of products to keep your hands from slipping  and protect your hands from the cold.  The Silicon Sleeve allows you to get a good solid grip on the shaft.  Adding a silicone sleeve to your  extractors will provide a non-slip grip, making handling your press easier.


The open ended silicone tube can be stretched over other handheld tools to provide added comfort and better grip. Simply pull the sleeve over one end of your tool, extractor or press and position in the desired location. The sleeve will stretch to fit over ridges or uneven surfaces providing a cushioned grip.  It will also protect your extractors from getting scratched during production.

Perfect to use with a glass or stainless steel hash oil extractors to protect your hands from the chill and reduce slipping due to the build up of condensation caused by the temperature of the pressurized gas.  It is fully solvent resistant.

Wacky Willy designed this protective sleeve from food grade silicon and it is dishwasher safe.

Fits most extractors and pollen presses including: 5.3 Sharpstone T-Bar Press / 6.2 Sharpstone T-Bar Press / 30mm Dr. Pill Press / 30 mm Piecemaker

– Silicone
– 77mm / 3″ Long
– Fits 30mm to 38mm / 1.18″ to 1.5″
– Food Grade
– Solvent resistant
– Dishwasher safe


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